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Coldplay gives us insight into the creative process

Somewhere between London and Sydney last December I spent an hour on the plane learning a whole lot more about British band, Coldplay. In the documentary that played in front of me I learnt how lead vocalist Chris Martin creates songs and I think he provides really great insight into the creative process. Designers often struggle to articulate their creative process and Chris Martin shows just how tricky it is to make it explicit.

Below is a short YouTube clip of Chris Martin speaking about and showing us how he created ‘Clocks’ one of Coldplay’s most well known songs. In the clip we see how a lot of creativity happens on feeling, intuition, collaboration and also just trying things out again and again (iteration) to get to where we want to be. Sometimes we know where we want to go but there is a process to get there. Sometimes we only know where we wanted to go when it is done. Unless we give things a chance and try them out, we’ll never know what could be created.

I think there are some really interesting insights and lessons into creativity and design here. Especially for design thinking, which is gaining a lot of popularity in Australia among business organisations and government.

Finally, here’s what the process became- ‘Clocks’ one of Coldplay’s most successful songs.



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