Design Transitions, a book in progress

At the end of March 2012 I submitted my PhD titled:

Understanding the different roles of the designer in design for social good.
A study of design methodology in the Dott 07 (Designs of the Time 2007) projects

For an abstract please visit my page. You may be thinking why I didn’t make more of a fuss about finishing my PhD here, but to be honest, I still have a Viva to complete as a final step of the process (PhDs in the UK undergo an examination called a Viva) and I also launched straight into another writing task – co-authoring a book with Joyce Yee and Emma Jefferies called Design Transitions.

Screengrab of Design Transitions website

Design Transitions is about the transitions currently happening in design practice. It features untold stories of innovative design practices from around the world, insights into their practices and where they think design is going next.

The book is comprises of three key parts (1) Case studies and (2) Snapshots of innovative design companies across the globe and (3) Expert views from design commentators, academics and writers on the drivers of change in design practice and the future of design. We’ve been crowd sourcing design companies all over the world via this Google map to identify companies we don’t already know of, so if you’re a design company and not already on the map, feel free to add yourself and we may be in touch.

In the past few months we’ve been actively collecting and profiling snapshots which has generated interesting insights from leading companies such as Design Thinkers (Netherlands), Live|work (Brasil), Uscreates (UK), Idiom (India), FutureGov (UK), Superflux (UK and India), Questto (Brazil and Switzerland) and Zilver Innovation (Netherlands). There’s more to come to stay tuned on our website Design Transitions or via twitter @destransitions. Our book will be published in 2013 and we’re deep in the process of researching, writing and designing it, so if you have any feedback or thoughts for us, please get in touch here, via our website or on twitter.

We hope that Design Transitions will inspire and inform any reader with an interest in design and its future direction.

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